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Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat is a 3rd season for Heart's Medicine series and a game released on May 2017 (June 2017 on WildTangent). When the hospital has went on fire, Jenny Garcia is in the news. Allison Heart was burned inside the hospital.


Character Function Personality History Notes
Allison Heart Medical Intern *Goes above and beyond for her patients.
  • Overthinks everything.
After a rough year, Allison is continuing her internship at Little Creek Hospital.

Proven to be persistent and intelligent, she is sure to rise to the top of the medical world.

Is friends with Emily from the Delicious series.
Emily O'Malley Delicious chef *Adorable girl. Emily is Co-starred from Delicious series, in the previous game, is the guest starring. Is friends with Allison.
Daniel Summers Head of Little Creek Hospital *Ambitious.
  • Disorganized.
Daniel is currently missing after struggling with a drug addiction, and indirectly causing the death of one of his colleagues.

Allison and Daniel had feelings for each other.

Son of John Summers and Robin Fisher.
Connor McCoy Head of Pediatrics (formerly Physiotherapy) *Good with kids, bad with adults.
  • Tough, but has a soft side.
Connor was there for Allison when Daniel disappeared, and has since become her boyfriend.

He feels he's beaten Daniel in the battle for Allison's affection.

Has had several meetings with HR about his behavior.
Ruth Phelps Head of the Lab and Pathology (formerly Pharmacy) *Hard worker.
  • Will do anything for her friends.
Ruth is best friends with Allison, and often knows how to cheer her up after a long shift.

Currently, Ruth has been having some problems of her own, having received a mysterious letter which seems to have upset her.

Keeps losing her guinea pig, Oliver...
Sophia Gomez Head of the I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit), formerly E.R. (Emergency Room) *Complimentary
  • Not easily phased.
Sophia lost her husband in an ambulance crash.

Shortly after, she stopped working at the E.R. and switched over to the I.C.U.

Strives to stay strong.
John Summer Head Diagnostician *Workaholic.
  • Professional, but an odd-ball.
John is a former head of Little Creek Hospital, but had to step down due to his weakened heart.

John is also Allison's mentor, but it was her who saved his life when he had a heart attack.

Is one of the founders of Little Creek Hospital.
Victor Hamilton Board member *Profit oriented.
  • Holds grudges.
Victor is a member of the Little Creek Hospital board. Father of Mason.
Chance Foley Head of Prenatal Care, Alternative Medicine, and Maternity Ward *Friendly and calm.
  • Clumsy.
Chance is good friends with Allison.

He's a quiet character that likes to keep an eye on the wellbeing of his colleagues, but tends to forget about his own.

Is still hoping to have a department focused on Alternative Medicine.
Robin Fisher Head of Radiology (previously Head of Plastic Surgery) *No nonsense.
  • Professional.
Although she's the head of a department, Robin is also running the hospital in her son's absence.

This way she hopes to save his job, and hide his disappearance from the board.

Previously married to John Summers, mother to Daniel Summers.
David Quinn


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