Amy Cares
  • Homeplace: Snuggford
  • Former place: Arthur's Clinic, New York, USA (same as Angela Napoli)
  • Place of birth: New York, USA
  • Years active: February 2017 - present


Amy Cares is a character in Dr. Cares series. She is the newest actress starred, with Emily O'Malley, Mary Vanderworth (former), Allison Heart, and Angela Napoli.



  • Amy Cares is faced opposite to Angela Napoli, Emily’s sister. Amy wears her doctor coat (similar to Allison Heart), with white dress inside her coat similar to Angela. In her main appearance, she wears a blue shirt, with dark-red high heeled-boots.
  • Amy wears a yellow dress inside her doctor coat in Android icon appearance.


Pet Rescue 911Edit

Amy begins on her adventure after she officially become a vet.


Amy Cares Profile Picture
Dr. Cares Sorry

I'm really sorry, guys, but I have bad news. My game has been delayed until further notice because it wasn't approved by the app stores. My team is going to adapt the game a bit to fix that, but they aren't sure when it will be finished. But it's not all bad news! Fabulous Angela has asked her team if they could possibly work even harder to get her game ready. They agreed! 💕 Her game will now be released before mine, so you don't have to wait too long for an awesome game to play! I promise I'll let you know when all the problems have been ironed out and you can expect my game. I know it's hard (I'm disappointed too!), and I want to thank you all for your understanding and support while we wait.

Amy Cares Ideas

You guys have been giving me awesome feedback about my game, but I never get enough, so please let me know what you think! My team is reading all of your comments and I know they're loving it!

Amy Cares Is Almost Here

Oh my gosh, there's a date for my game! It's official - it will be released this Wednesday, April 12th! If I were a dog, my tail wouldn't stop wagging, I guarantee it! I'll post when I know it's out everywhere, but start looking in your app stores or on GameHouse and Zylom on Wednesday!

Amy Cares So Excited
Amy Cares So Ecstatic
Dr. Cares Without Logo
Dr. Cares Pet Rescue 911 App
Dr.-Cares-Pet-Rescue-911 4K 16-10

4K resolution, and 16:10 aspect ratio. More efficient as computers and TV. ~Amy Cares

Dr. Cares Android Icon

Android/New icon. ~Amy Cares

Dr. Amy Cares New update live!

There's a new update of my game available! :D *Here's what has been improved or added: 🐾 You can use iStickers (for iOS only) 🐾 You can easily choose your language 🐾 You'll experience improved mini-games 🐾 You can unlock the Master Vet Trophy

Dr. Amy Cares Update
Amy Cares GameHouse

Amy in GameHouse

Dr. Cares WildTangent Old

Amy's Old WildTangent Icon

Dr Cares Icon 2

Dr. Cares contents
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